Gardening Woes

2015 is bring many gardening woes – It is just not a good year for the garden! I suppose after 4 successful years it was bound to happen. We survived the wind, the rains, the drought – all until this year. 2015 has been plagued with excess water, lack of sunshine and an abundance of bugs since the season began. My tomatoes are weeping, my squash has mildew and my beans are longing for sunshine. …

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2015 Garden Start

garden beds

Today was the start of our 2015 garden! It’s been so long since I’ve blogged on a regular basis. Starting the garden is always an exciting time. It gets me back into a blogging mood. Being an avid photographer I enjoy keeping pictorial journals of the garden progress and I like sharing the failures and successes here so others can learn from our mistakes and victories. When I began this garden I called it my …

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What Lies Beneath?

Inktense watercolor

What lies beneath the Week 5 Challenge for the Documented Life Project is under-paper. Under what?? Yep, that was my response. I guess for die hard mixed media artists this term is common language, but in all honesty – this artist didn’t get it. What is under-paper? Under-paper is that paper you put on your work surface to protect it, or between your journal pages to keep them clean or even the paper towel you …

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The Short Cold Walk

snowy path

We’ve all heard of the long cold walk; up the hill and down the hill and over the river and through the woods in knee high snow… Well, I’m here to tell ya that today I took a short cold walk and it was probably colder than those long cold walks that the grandparents tell the kids about. I just never imagined that I would have to put on all this stuff just to walk …

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Documented Life Week 3

dlp journal week 3

The week 3 theme for the Documented Life Journal was the color wheel and it couldn’t have come at a more perfect time as I was teaching color theory to my students the same week. I was so excited to use their art work on my pages AND (drum roll please…) I made my first ever video tutorial. Yes, you can learn new tricks over 50! Now don’t expect anything incredible or earth-shaking. I have …

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Documented Life Week 2


The week 2 challenge for The Documented Life Project was to use Gesso with the writing prompt – “The Beginning is always today.” Mary Shelley. I knew immediately what I wanted to do when I read the journal prompt because I had seen the most stunning sunrise on my way to work one morning. I wanted to capture it in a photo so badly, but there was no way for me to stop during the …

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