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3 Days – 3 Spaces

It’s a New Year’s Organizing Revolution!

This is one of those one thing leads to another kind of whacky posts and a definite jump start to the New Year. It all started less than 24 hours ago as one thing led to another –


  1. I mustered enough energy to turn on the computer and check my email.
  2. I read a few favorite blogs
  3. I clicked on an email link from Ann Voskamp
  4. I read her blog post at Holy Experience
  5. I clicked on her links for 2013
  6. I clicked on CLEAN MAMA sounded interesting…
  7. which somehow took me to another link, which I clicked
  8. because it said, I’m an Organizing Junkie – hey it was calling my name!


and now…

  • I’m committed
  • to see how much I can really accomplish in one month…
  • but it all begins with 3 Spaces in 3 Days – my own little kick start.

His Office – Self employed contractor and outdoors-man. Papers tend to take over. Throw in hunting season, Thanksgiving and Christmas and it turns into total chaos.

Her Office Mine – Writer, homeschool mom and creator aplenty. Christmas projects left stacks and stacks in their wake. Hard to believe this was clean just two weeks ago.

The Quiet Place – and often a collect all when life gets too crazy. I’m thinking my writing space would be more private here than in the corner of our living room.

So come Friday, we shall see how I fared. Being that I’m still fighting a terrible head cold I’m not going to be disappointed if my big ideas are not all realized, but my motto is anything accomplished today is more than I had done yesterday!

Signing off for 2012 and looking forward to more amazing, abundant life in 2013.

3 thoughts on “3 Days – 3 Spaces”

  1. God might be speaking to me too! I just read this post: Slow Your Home.

    I have been working towards a simpler life with less clutter and it’s just the kick I need! It really click in my brain when I had to add ANOTHER toy box for the boys. I decided no child needs this many toys. Then I looked at my crafting area. Ouch! I should take the plank from my eye before worrying about the speck in anothers. So, I have much to work on and I am going to get rid of stuff that I won’t/can’t use AND stuff that doesn’t have any value but I just think it’s “cute.”

    1. Sarah, good for you! I am tossing more this year too. Each year I seem able to let go of more “stuff.” Of course I still hold on too, but I’m a work in progress. I agree, let’s use our stuff to His glory more in 2013. I’ll check out that link. Good luck with your organizing endeavors.

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