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3 Women & A Baby

Sounds a lot like a movie from the 80’s but in this case it’s a spontaneous road trip; a common occurrence during my college days, but quite unexpected at this stage of life!

A week ago I was thinking about painting my kitchen this week, instead I find myself on the road traveling the coast. It was a simple return phone call to my sister-in-law, just normal conversation – until she said she was taking my nieces to camp… “Want to go with us and drive up the coast?”

She didn’t have to ask twice – the ocean, sand and fresh seafood – how could I refuse?


Four days later I was sitting in the backseat of a borrowed minivan with 3 teen girls and a baby. We dropped the girls at camp then my sister-in-law, her friend and I giggled like school girls as we climbed back into the van with my 5 month old niece.

Within seconds of merging onto the highway we laughed again. It felt a little crazy. Three middle aged women and a baby taking a week long road trip – just because.

No real agenda, no major destination –just a week on the coast, playing tourists and seeing where the wind takes us.

“So will you blog your trip?” My husband asked before we said good-bye, “Maybe I will!”
…and so begins the adventure of 3 women and a baby. It should be an interesting week.

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