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All that Sparkles

From the twinkling tree lights to my shining stainless cookware. I love all that sparkles!

Christmas was a wonderful celebration with our children and grandchildren. I love our family gatherings with our unique and sometimes quirky personalities. I love the laughter, the children’s squeals of delight and cooking together in our little kitchen. Yesterday I heard, “Mimi, your kitchen is just too small!” And when you put 4 cooks in it all at once it certainly is, but there isn’t enough sparkle in the world to trade for the memories we make in it.

Hubby tended the turkey, our son made the potatoes and his sweet wife peeled apples for the pie while I worked on the beans and stuffing. It was quite a scene with all of us bumping elbows and competing for clean counter space, but we make it work.

As we gathered at the table for the blessing, I looked round the circle with joy. I am so thankful for the years that God has blessed us to have our children and grandchildren near enough to gather for these family dinners and celebrations.

After the meal the girls gathered in the kitchen, clearing the plates & loading the dishwasher. “Leave the pots,” I told them – “I’ll get them later.”

Of course the evening moved on and it was nearly midnight when the last son was out the door. Cleaning pots and pans was the last thing on my mind, so I awoke to that task this morning.

It seems you use just about every pot and bowl in the kitchen for Christmas dinner. Looking at the pile still to be cleaned I decided to make the most of it and get them sparkling once again. I’m not sure when I discovered Bar Keeper’s Friend – I’ve never kept a bar and never cleaned a bar and am not fond of bars – how did it get that name any way? I’ve been using the cleanser in my sink for many years, but a couple of years ago I discovered the Bar Keepers Friend COOKWARE Cleanser. I’ve been using it to clean my stainless cookware ever since.

stainless steel cookware

I don’t use the cookware cleaner every time I wash my pots and pans, but big family meals like Christmas get me motivated to get that sparkle back again. I also think there is something about the impending new year that gets me in a sparkling mood.

Sparkling pots and pans are now ready to go back into the cupboard and I’m ready to tackle the residual clutter that Christmas left behind. From sparkling trees to a sparkling home – I do love all that sparkles!

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