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All that Spice!

Spice up your life…

Pitch old, dried out, flavorless spices in your kitchen and replenish them at a fraction of the cost.

fresh spices

This is only one of my spice racks, last year I added a second just like it. I have them mounted to the wall on each side of my stove and I use them all. This is my main spice supply. The second rack contains a variety of salts, peppers and baking spices. It took me a lot of years to learn that I was wasting money on seasonings that masqueraded as spices. Instead, I was getting too much salt and other ingredients I couldn’t pronounce. When I did purchase a bottle of pure spice I was paying more than necessary.

Then I learned a better, healthier and more economical way. If you haven’t discovered the value of purchasing spices from an Amish shop or bulk grocery, you are in for a treat.


This tub of fresh oregano will fill my spice jar 3 or more times for a fraction of the price I would pay at the local supermarket and the aroma is amazing!


One of my favorite New Year’s routines is cleaning out the kitchen and organizing the cupboards for a fresh start. I do it every year and I love the smell of refilling my spice jars. Albeit, having become reliant on “real” spices for flavoring our meals, New Year’s is not the only time I refill my jars.

fresh spices

Many spices are also available fine ground, which is excellent for making your own blends instead of purchasing seasoning packets that are loaded with unknowns.

There are so many great spice mix recipes online. I like to mix up small batches at a time and label them to use within the month. It’s been years since I purchased a taco seasoning packet!

spice blends

So, do a little research for a local spice source in your area and spice up your life! Shopping the spice aisle in a bulk grocery is a genuine treat. Once you experience the aroma and flavors of fresh grown without the additives there will be no going back.

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