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Back in the Garden

It was great to get away for some girl time and refreshing, but it is also nice to be back in the garden. I’ve missed my morning wanderings and discoveries here.

My time away took a bit of a toll, though my husband did an excellent job keeping the beetles away. I even came home to find a new beetle trap hanging nearby. Still the continuous rains are bringing mildew and blight to the squash and cucumbers. Everything looks so yellow! I’ve spent the past few mornings pruning out diseased limbs and praying that things will bounce back a bit. Just the price of organic growing I suppose…and the rain really is a blessing after that drought a few years ago.

In spite of the massive thinning of foliage, the tomatoes and cucumbers are producing well. We’ve been enjoying lots of tomato/cucumber salads. I’ve harvested several bowls of Romas and the jalapenos are ready, so salsa will be in the works soon. YUM!

I have more winter squash this year than last year and I’m hoping they will keep on the vine until ripe. Have a few more zucchinis, but the yellow squash seems to be done. Summer is passing all too quickly this year. I am beginning to get the stirrings for a greenhouse. Sure would be nice to be in the garden and harvesting produce year round!

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