Back in the Studio

It feels great to be back in the studio! And back to blogging. Last year was my most inconsistent when it comes to creativity; both painting and writing. Summer was busy with our daughter’s graduation, then came college prep, moving her in and then I took a part time job during the holidays. Whew!

Come the new year I was busy putting the studio back together and redesigning the website and blog. It’s been a fun journey, but I am so glad to have all my creative spaces organized again. I’m very excited to show-off the studio, so stay tuned. I’m hoping to have a video tour soon.

paintd egg

Right now I am just thrilled to be painting and writing again. Easter is just around the corner so I am painting eggs this month. In regards to the writing, I have moved most of the inspirational posts to a new blog at Heart Set Above where I will continue to blog about my spiritual journey and all God is teaching me through His Word.

painted egg

Here at Live, Create, Inspire I will be sharing all about life’s creative endeavors; from gardening to painting and everything inbetween. The new menu at the top will guide you to the topics you are most interested in. Time to get back to painting. Visit again soon!

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