Back to the drawing table!

drawing table
Back in the day, graphic design was done on a drawing table. Oh how I long for those days once again. I’ve been experimenting with new web templates the past few weeks and I am pulling my hair out!

Every template seems to have its own set of problems. I find a half dozen features I like, but then one doesn’t work or vice-versa. For example…

  • one seems perfect, until I add a featured image – it adds a duplicate image to my post.
  • another has all the functions I want, but the layout options feature doesn’t work.

For all the hours I spend trying to fix problems, I could be learning to type the code by hand. After all these years of computing and blogging I’m still not convinced that computers make life easier. So if things are a bit out of sorts around here please forgive the mess.

One of these days I will get back to blogging. Right now I’m just longing for an old fashioned drawing table with a parallel rule. At least back then, things stayed where I put them. 😉

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