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Closet Organization

Darling daughter and I spent hours looking for a solution to the weird closet dilemma. Even after roaming every aisle at The Container Store – twice – we still came up blank. I did however empty it and rearrange things.

It’s much easier to see the challenges once everything is cleared from the ledges. I do not like this closet! It is the most frustrating thing about our home, but we have yet to come up with a way to fix it. My husband wanted to just wall the top section completely in, but I am not willing to give up the storage space which is already so limited.

I removed the short coat rod and installed a longer one the opposite direction in order to make the back of the closet accessible. It is very high and now you have to step into the closet to get to the coats, but at least the games are stacked neatly for the kids.

This is not the dream closet I had envisioned, but with such strange measurements and the awkward steps it is difficult to find a good solution. I’m still hoping to install some high shelves on the right hand side for the games the little ones haven’t grown into yet.

If you come up with any brilliant ideas, please leave comments. I told hubby I wish I could afford to hire a closet company to come in and install one of those automatic rotating clothes rods with cute shelves and drawers underneath, but that is just not in the budget. 🙁

See the before pictures here and be sure to stop by the New Year’s Organizing Revolution and vote. I’m the Weird Closet #29.

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