Craft Box – Part 2

I finally completed my Vintage Craft Box! It is now home to my most used scrap and craft tools. I’m so excited to have them in one easy to transport case. Another success in simplifying my life and art supplies.

If you missed seeing the outside you can read the original post here. Now on to the tutorial for completing the inside.

First I measured and cut dividers out of heavy chipboard. Recycled ofcourse! This was the backing from a watercolor pad.

I used small strips of duct tape to attach each side. To interlock the center I cut small slits where I wanted to overlap the two pieces.

Next I cut strips of paper to cover the inside sections.

I measured each section…

Then each strip of paper, leaving tabs for overlapping in the corners.

Score the fold lines for the tabs to get an even fold. A 12″ strip of paper will cover two sides in most sections, but I still left tabs for all overlaps. This strengthens the corners.

Next brush a flexible craft glue on the back of the paper. I like to use book-binding glue.

Continue until you have applied paper to all sides of the inside sections. I did not cover the bottom, but I did put small strips of paper over the tops to protect the edges of the paper liners.

This box holds my most used punches, adhesives, scissors, tweezers, tags and more!

Of course I had to do something with the lid, since I hate wasting usable storage space.

I measured another piece of chipboard to fit securely inside the lid and covered it with paper just as I did the inside sections. After it was good and dry I punched small holes with my Crop-a-dile Big Bite and stitched 1/2″ elastic onto the board.

It is tight enough to sit in the lid, yet I can take it out if I prefer having the pens on the table beside me. One of the cool things about this little box is that I can also add a few sheets of 8.5″ x 11″ paper and take it when traveling or attending a craft night. I’ll have everything I need to make a quick card, bookmark or encouragement.

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