Creation Speaks

I am inspired by creation; creation speaks to me and this morning was glorious!

I am so please that spring is finally here. I love being outdoors and enjoying God’s good gifts of creation. This morning reminded me of my age as I worked to make a dent in this pile of wood chips. I wanted to get them into the garden before the weather turns bad this weekend. Though my back ached by the time I was finished, I was thankful to be able to enjoy the fresh air and still have the ability to crawl around on my knees and lift a heavy pitchfork.

Being in the garden gives one lots of time to think and the Lord gave me much to think on this morning. He blessed me with the amazing beauty of His creatures. The little white squirrel is still enjoying our yard; I can see him out the window as I type. The robins are dancing in the streams and branches and the flowers lift their shining faces to heaven. God cares for them all and He brings them into my yard because He cares for me and He knows they bring me joy.

I was already filled with joy and gratitude as I sat down to take a much needed break, and then I looked up to see a beautiful pileated woodpecker on our tree. Thankfully my camera was handy! How blessed I was to get a few quick photos before he flew off.

I am continually amazed by God’s creatures – His creation speaks to me – of His artistry, His majesty and His care for all He has created.

“For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made…” [Romans 1:20 NASB]

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