The Next Creative Adventure

When fresh art supplies arrive I feel like a kid on Christmas morning, even though these supplies will never live in my studio. They are the tools for a new group of students that will begin classes tomorrow and I am ready for this exciting creative adventure.

Every class I teach is a new adventure as students come together with fresh ideas and unique personalities. Some are excited, some are nervous; some love art, some are only experimenting with the idea; but all are unique creations of a mighty and creative God, each blessed with creativity.

For me the adventure begins with the unpacking…

the sorting…

the stacking…

from shipping cartons to empty cartons, as supplies are organized and labeled and prepared for class.

It may seem silly to you, but I find wonder in little things – like the fact that this empty box from my basement held the exact number of sketchbooks I need to transport tomorrow. I don’t just see a perfect sized box – I see a God who knew exactly how many students I would have and provided a simple cardboard box of just the right size. I mean what’s an adventure without great wonders along the way, right?

And I see blank sketchbooks that by the end of the year be filled with new discoveries and Ah Ha! moments as students learn more about who they were created to be and all God has blessed them with to experience this journey called life – to know Him deeper – to appreciate His Creation with new eyes.

I’m ready, can’t wait, only a few more hours and the next creative adventure will begin!

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