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Curiosities, Coffee & the Cape

Anticipating the curiosities ahead and anxious to get to the cape we decided to keep breakfast simple and enjoy the fresh blueberries we picked up at the produce market.


As expected, we discovered curiosities soon enough – and I’m still thankful for those little handles over the doors. Seems the best little shops don’t give you lots of warning – they just suddenly appear!

Lobster rolls and antiques were on the “must do” lists, so fish markets and treasure shops were in our radar. I only wish I’d had access to a kitchen – I really wanted to get a pot boiling for one of those lovelies! Lots of fun finds at the antique shops and some great deals, but we decided the girls would not be too happy if we picked them up from camp and tied them to the roof of the van, so we enjoyed looking and decided we will have to return someday with a trailer.

The genealogist in me is always saddened by the amount of unidentified photos that find their way onto shop shelves. Someone out there really loved those people. A rack of vintage sheet music was calling my name. I’ve always felt like I missed my intended era. I would have given it all a home, but the price was a bit steep for my budget.

After doubling our drive time – it’s become expected at this point – our eyes finally beheld the entrance to The Cape. Suddenly we were all 20 years younger, even in spite of our exhaustion. We knew immediately how to remedy that, because we had been anticipating our first stop on the island for over an hour. How on earth did we find coffee shops before iPhones?

After checking in to our home for the next few days we headed for the beach to get our toes in the sand with sweet baby girl who was quite intrigued. So ended a beautiful day. Tomorrow we shall return to the amazing coffee shop, Coffee Obsession. It was worth the drive!

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