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Daily Chore Cards

Are you a list person? I am and I’m always looking for ways to simplify life. I like having structure and I like my lists colorful. Anything to add a little more joy to life. It’s an artist thing I suppose; the color thing, not the structure thing.

I love order, but the artist in me also has a tendency to get carried away with multiple projects and chaos soon follows. Along with this year’s decluttering and organizing I’ve been restructuring my bulletin boards and file boxes. I also decided to make chore cards. I love making memory cards, so I thought I’d make a set of Monday-Friday daily task cards to help me focus on the things that need to get done routinely.

Anyway, if you’d like to make a set here are the simple how-tos:

  • Type your Monday-Friday lists so that you can print 4 up on 8.5″ x 11″ paper
  • Cut them apart and add a little color with markers, ink, sponges or stamps.
  • Pick out some fun card-stock and glue them on. I like a variety of colors!
  • Punch a hole for a snap-ring and add reinforcements – I sponged ink on them.
  • Adhere clear contact paper over the white list to make it dry erase friendly.
  • Attach some fibers or ribbon to add a little more joy.

That’s it! I did not make task cards for Saturday or Sunday, but I did add two extra cards for my main interests. I now have visual prompts to help keep me balanced and accountable.

Have fun and remember – It’s not about following a schedule to a T or checking every item off the list every day. It’s about finding balance, creating new habits and replacing stress with simplicity.

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