Daring to be Different

I am often amazed at the lessons that come from my garden. Take for example this crazy looking cucumber that I discovered last week.

My first thought was, Oh now isn’t that interesting, kind of neat, but on further examination I had another thought enter my mind, That little guy is done for!

What at first looked kind of cool and interesting suddenly became doom and gloom because I realized that this cucumber would not grow beyond its current state – it had reached a dead-end because it had grown right into itself.

I thought about how our lives can do the same thing. We see things that appear exciting and interesting; avenues in life that appeal to us with a sense of adventure or freedom. It is easy for us to get so focused on what we want out of life or the direction we are headed that we forget about what we are sacrificing along the way and where we will eventually end up.

This little cucumber had no mind to consider the consequences, but it can teach us a great lesson. It dared to do its own thing and rather than grow straight and strong it grew into a circle with no where else to go.

There is nothing wrong with being different. As an artist I know that we must dream, we must take risks, but as we dare to be different we must consider carefully the laws that our Creator established. Within His bounds we can flourish as the unique individuals He created us to be and avoid the dead-ends of life.

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