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The Detour Days

I’ve never attempted to blog during my travels so this is a new adventure for me. Multiple detours and lack of connectivity have prevented blogging every day. I suppose it’s just a reminder that this trip is not about plans and agendas but rather taking each day moment by moment and finding joy in whatever that moment brings. Like being able to laugh through the detours – especially when one of them presents a sign for the perfect picture op. So thankful for friends like this to share the journey with.


In recapping our journey thus far, I decided to subtitle this first half – the detour days. So far we have logged nearly 30 hours of drive time and only about 800 miles; a meandering to be sure.


Sunday evening we enjoyed a wonderful stay with our host in Middleton, MD where we were treated to a home-cooked meal and great conversation. Monday morning – minus 3 teenagers – the adventure began as we headed north.

Between missed turns, u-turns and our attempts to avoid high tolls we spent most of Monday in the car. We did get in a short walk along the boardwalk in Atlantic City. As I have never traveled this part of the coast before, it was new scenery for me. I can resolutely say that an hour was enough to last a lifetime. Next destination was Cape May, a very pretty little beach town. Loved the rows and rows of adorable little beach houses! We enjoyed a fish dinner at the Dry Dock and splurged with ice cream for dessert – not part of our current Daniel Plan challenge.

Tuesday we headed for Norwalk, CT – a 3 hour drive which we drove in 7. Yes, we are so talented like that! However, you must remember that the tiniest of our travelers requires great care and feeding; resulting in multiple stops. Being the backseat rider I spend lots of time making faces, singing jingles and tickling feet to keep our little passenger happy. It’s all good – as her smiles and twinkling blue eyes are a delight and she has been a good sport for all the hours we have spent on the road.

We visited the shrine of St. Joseph and made a rather abrupt stop at a fresh produce market. One thing I am discovering from this journey is that there really IS a reason for those little handles over the doors of the vehicle. Armed with fresh blueberries, plums and cherry tomatoes we headed for our evening accommodations which I will absolutely RAVE about tomorrow.

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