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Documented Life Week 1

I hesitated to post Week 1 of my Documented Life planner since it is already the 19th, but I decided to go ahead and catch up in spite of the delayed post. I’m challenging myself to post my pages every week this year, but this past week I caught one of those nasty bugs going around and WOW – NOT something I want to repeat this year. Nuff about that!

As is common to the New Year, our first week’s challenge was to write down our goals. When it comes to art and journaling, one of mine is to use the “stash” I have in my studio and put the brakes on my collection. Yep – I know – I just posted about my awesome finds at JoAnns. All I can say is, it’s pretty much impossible to tell an artist to stop buying art supplies. The goal is to use what I have, thereby turning it all into necessary tools rather than a “collection.” 😉

I have a folder filled with words and quotes and this tag page by Michelle Coleman got me started. Making more time for personal creativity is big on my list this year and the main reason I am determined to keep up my DLP journal.

Daily Grind Paper

I’m finding that if I just pull my stuff out and start a pile of favorites, the creative brainstorming begins. It doesn’t mean I have to use everything in the pile, but it’s a springboard of sorts. Once I find a few things I like, a color scheme seems to appear and then it’s a matter of selecting, arranging and rearranging.

Scrapbook papers

The challenge was using book pages, but I toyed with the idea and never came up with anything I wanted to add. I decided to just use the scrapbook papers instead. I began by applying gesso with double loads of light blue and a pale green to create a wintry background.

gesso double load background

January has been extremely cold with sub-zero temps and we’ve had snow on the ground all month so I wanted the page to feel cool and snowy. The snowflake paper helped to set the mood and the stars paper was a perfect complement. The moon idea evolved from one of the quotes I liked.

DLP Week 1 page

I kept my goals simple using the word GOALS. I can continue to define them in the empty spaces under each main goal. The page was such a soft pastel that I added the antiquing with a burnt umber watercolor pencil to darken it a bit. Though I like it better this way it is still softer than I normally like and kind of reminds me of a child’s nursery. Not one of my favorite pages, but at least Week 1 is complete and I can move on…

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