Documenting Life

I made a fabulous discovery a few weeks. It’s called The Documented Life Project and it incorporates so many things that I love: art, journaling, planning and well – documenting life!

There are times when events happen and you just know that it was not a coincidence, but rather what I call a God-incidence – this is one of those times. In an effort to get the creativity flowing again I returned to art journaling. This led me to seek out other art journalers for inspiration and encouragement and what better place to start than on Facebook. There are just so many wonderful groups to be inspired by, but when I came upon this one I knew it was what I needed to get serious about my art again.

The Documented Life Project turns your daily planner into an artistic record book of a year in your life. Okay, so how could I not get excited about incorporating two of my favorite things? Art and Writing! But wait there is more…

I quickly discovered that the 5 wonderful ladies who put this project together are also like-minded in heart and Spirit and that hooked me. So the adventure has begun and I am documenting life both in word and in art. Can I just say God is AMAZING! He is so good to give us just what we need right when we really need it.

documented life wk1

Here are a few of my first pages – I am still playing catch up and trying to stay current with each week, but oh what fun I am having. Want to join the fun? It’s never too late to start documenting life. More to come…


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