A Dozen Art Journal Tips

Just beginning to keep an art journal can be a bit intimidating. Sometimes we just need a little tip sheet to help us get started or thinking creatively.

art journaling tips

ONE Fill a page with frames and then fill them all in with fun sketches or words.
TWO Draw repetitions of the same shape over and over in various sizes, then fill with color or words.
THREE Have fun with lettering. Play with words. Remember there are no mistakes! Just be BOLD and turn any accidents into art.
FOUR Sketch a landscape, draw a building or a view out of a window. Add some thoughts or a favorite poem.
FIVE Five pairs of shoes, a Dozen hair accessories, a table full of art supplies. Draw or paint your collections on a page.
SIX Collage it, glue it, just stick it on the journal page with glue, tape, staples or whatever is handy, then add a story about the memorabilia you saved and why.
SEVEN Paint a background all over the page with watercolor, acrylic, ink, or marker. Then add words all over it.
EIGHT Write a whole page with simple thoughts or happenings about your day then add mini photographs or illustrations in the blank spaces.
NINE Experiment with fun mediums that are new to you: gold leaf, texture paint, stamps, inks.
TEN Use stencils, trace words, apply texture, embellish the background, in parts or in whole – just keep layering!
ELEVEN Think outside the box – try new things – even if no one else has. Paint with glue, chalkboard paint or whatever comes to mind. Learn how pencils and markers react on different mediums.
TWELVE Most of all – just start and make a page every week, then every day and then enjoy all the lessons learned and memories made!

Remember, Art Journaling is about having fun, being creative and capturing memories to enjoy later.

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