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Elements of Art

Last week was Spirit Week which meant all those wacky dress up and theme days. As an art teacher you don’t have a homeroom class theme so you are kind of on your own to do whatever you can come up with.

I decided that my theme would be The Elements of Art! Okay, so maybe it wasn’t super original, but it worked and I did look pretty wacky in my crazy mis-matched outfit. And it was kind of fun not dressing in the typical business professional attire for a day.

I enjoyed getting ready for work as I went through my closet looking for things to help my students understand the elements of art.

I printed labels and pinned them to my clothing with safety pins – this too was quite an interesting look. Walking around and teaching all day with labels all over, but it also made the students ask questions when they came into the room and they all got a little review on Line, Value, Shape, Color, Contrast and Pattern.

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