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Fall Greens

As oranges, browns and yellows fall to the ground creating a blanket of leaves to be raked and gathered into the compost bin, another color is peeking in the garden.

Fall greens of lettuce, spinach and mustard are beginning to look yummy. After picking up the book, The Year-Round Vegetable Gardener, I decided to build some mini domes and plant another round of salad greens. Much to my delight they are doing just fine, even after a 28 degree freeze.

The broccoli which was planted in late August may not make it if the weather doesn’t hold out, but it’s looking pretty good and has outgrown its dome. Carrots are giving it their best shot, but the turnips don’t seem to want to get with the program. I’m kind of bummed because I was hoping for some good soup veggies before the snow starts to fly. A few peas and beans are still hanging on. If the blossoms actually produce I will be quite surprised.

The tomatoes went well into the fall season, but even with coverings the freeze was hard on them. Another jar or two of salsa, but probably won’t be able to put any more up for the winter.

I dug up the squash bed last week and will plant some winter rye to give the soil a boost for next spring. I’d never considered fall gardening before; spring was for planting, summer for tending and fall for harvesting – I guess we’re never too old to learn something new and enjoy some delicious fall greens!

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