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Farewell Cape Cod

Our week long adventure has come to an end and we must bid the Cape farewell. To celebrate our final evening we enjoyed a nice seafood dinner and a sunset walk on the beach. It is a shame we couldn’t stay longer. If you ever travel to Cape Cod be sure to plan more than just a few days.

Earlier in the day we browsed some of the shops in town; found a nifty thrift store and returned to Coffee Obsession for another cuppa’joe. We so loved this coffee shop! I especially enjoyed the atmosphere and artwork. It is the kind of place I can see myself escaping to for writing marathons. The scuffed wood floors, eclectic collection of chairs and wonderful treats fill it with character while the staff and patrons provide a warm welcome.

The time quickly came to pack everything back into the van and head for home to our families. Our return trip required one more night’s hotel stay which we enjoyed at a Holiday Inn Express. We all got a good laugh from the slogan on the coffee cups at breakfast the next morning and someone suggested a final sketch was in order – I was happy to oblige and stuff one last souvenir into my bag.

The girls had a great week at camp while 3 Women and a baby made a week of memories to hopefully last us until the next time. Amazingly we fit our basket of thrift store goodies into our already full vehicle and enjoyed one final moment of delirium when we saw the bag they had used for our treasures. It seems on the coast there is just no escaping Dunkin’ Donuts!

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  1. You did a great job with your blog on the trip. Glad you had a chance to get away for a few days before becoming a “working” woman.

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