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Fresh Start & A New Chapter


Wow, what a summer! Tons of rain, lack of sun, pitiful garden = no inspiration for blogging.

AND Then… my blog template updated – major GLITCH!!! Nothing worked – everything disappeared!

So I purchased a new template and installed it, but all the demo posts made a bit of a mess and I still didn’t have any photos. Sometimes, you just have to throw in the towel and say, I’ll tackle this problem another day – so I did.

And it’s been months without a post, but now I’m back with a fresh start and a new chapter in my blogging life. I still have to re-upload my old photos, but that fix will have to take place gradually.

At least things are back up and running smooth enough that I can blog again – with some NEW Goals.

Although I will continue to share about art, gardening and life happenings, I will be focusing more on the new chapter of my life as an elementary art teacher. After sending the last child off to college I transitioned from the world of private teaching to the classroom and I am loving it.

Can’t wait to share all I’ve discovered in the past year and the exciting things we will be doing in this new school year. Hope you’ll keep reading as this book of life continues to grow. The adventure never ends!

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