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Garden Gifts

In spite of a terrible year, we have recently been blessed with some garden gifts!


The beans finally started coming in and haven’t stopped, though they aren’t as tender as last year.


The carrots are wonderful and we have been enjoying them both cooked and raw. I may even have to make a carrot cake pretty soon.


Though most of our tomato plants were ravaged with disease this year, the grape tomatoes have suddenly started bouncing back and we are harvesting handfuls daily.


And today I started chopping peppers to make pepper jelly because as soon as the cool weather hit, the peppers started growing at a rapid pace. I’ve never had so many peppers in one year!

The garden isn’t lush as it has been in years past and the harvests were lean, but we are thankful for these late season garden gifts. It is also a reminder that life will not always go as planned, but we can always be grateful for the little things in any situation.

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