How does the Garden go…

The 2014 Garden is now in full swing and I am back into the morning routine of walking the paths, pulling tiny weeds, stringing, tying and watching for pests – which I first discovered this week – ugh!

All in all, things are going quite well this year. Praise the Lord! No major winds, hail, or torrential rains have sent me scampering for coverings or replanting my seedlings. It is a nice reprieve from last spring.

tomato supports

The cedar beds and supports are on their 4th year now and holding up very well. I like that I have been able to rotate the crops yet still have flexibility with the support system.

tomatoes and cucumbers

Yesterday I tied up the tomato plants, opting not to use the lattice this year. It seemed to provide too much shade last summer. I added eye screws to the bottom of the support posts this year, making the lower support strings more stable. I then ran garden twine from the top of each support to the lower line, one for each tomato plant. As the plants grow I gently train the main vine around the twine. Look closely at the plant on the lower right of the photo below and you will see what I mean.


I spaced the plants out a bit more this year and am trying more inter-planting. The green fencing you see in the top photos is the cucumber support. I decided to put tomatoes and cucumbers in two beds this year, leaving wide spaces in between for lettuce, which will be protected by the shade of the tomatoes. At least this is the hope.


This is the first year of putting the tomato and cucumber plants together, but I’ve read that this works well. The garden is always an experiment for me and I enjoy learning new things each year through trial and error.

squash bed

The squash is in the same bed this year and will be rotated out next year. I’ve planted with more space than last year hoping for a stronger yield. Six hills; 2 each of yellow, winter and zucchini are spaced in the gaps of the pole bean hills which are under bamboo supports.

pole beans

I’m trying two kinds of pole beans this year so will see which ones do the best. Right now I am having problems with an unknown leaf-eater, so I began spraying with home-made insecticidal soap today. I’m open to any suggestions on a quick cure to save my bean plants.

bean leaf damage

The deep bed for the root crops is still unplanted. I know – it’s late! I just got it turned over today and WOW – there is some good dirt in there. Worms galore and nice loam. So glad we added the sand last fall. My hope is to have it planted this evening after the temps cool down.

organic garden beds

This is also the second year for the bed along the back of the house. Some Kale returned from last year, I direct sowed more broccoli, kale & lettuce, and we are trying some pepper plants in this location to see how they do. Like I said, it’s always an experiment as we see how the garden goes…


So how is your garden going this year?

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