Garden Transitions

Mid August and our organic garden is looking a little forlorn. Empty is the trellis where the beans never climbed, gone are the peas that flourished. The lettuce is slowly turning yellow as we harvest the last few good heads and the squash is long gone; except for a lone zucchini plant – not producing, but I’m still hoping – and a hardy cucumber vine.

The tomato plants are dotted with red, but not nearly the size or fruitfulness of last year. Still, they are incredibly sweet and make a nice addition to the evening dinner table – aside the plate of cucumbers!

The root crops are showing their lovely greens and I am hopeful of a fall harvest for winter soups. I also planted some more heirloom lettuce since it has done so well this year. Will be nice if it matures for fall salads. The kale is still going strong and should only get sweeter with the autumn weather.

I decided to give the beans another go; this time planting them near the house. They seem to like it there – now if only the deer do not discover them. I am hoping they will not come so close to the house, but they have surprised me before.

Even with the summer crops fading I am still taking up a nice morning harvest. I froze my first quarts of tomatoes this morning. Though I doubt we will put up as many as last year.

Last spring I purchased a Coleus for our patio. It did not fare well. Rather than give up I decided to try one again this year and it looks amazing! Our flower beds however are on the way out with these crazy weather changes. I think I will attempt to move some of the marigolds out front for fall color.

All in all it hasn’t been a bad year for our little garden. As we begin the transition into fall there is much to do as we continue to try new crops and new techniques.

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