Garden Update – Tomatoes

As promised here is the next garden update. The tomatoes are doing very well this year. No major problems – yet. Hoping to keep it that way. Planted mostly Romas and Juliets as they have always been the ones we use the most. Romas make the best sauces and soups and the Juliets are great through the summer for snacking and salads.

We’ve been amending with mushroom compost and home made compost. Also put down a good layer of mulch this year since a friend brought us a free load of wood chips. I added eye-hooks to the supports and changed from a lighter weight string to garden twine. This seems to be holding up better with the weather and weight.

I am also a pruner; continually removing suckers and dead or spotty limbs, especially from the lower sections. So far this season, the tomato beds are my happy place. Praying the goodness continues!

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