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Gardening Woes


2015 is bring many gardening woes – It is just not a good year for the garden!

I suppose after 4 successful years it was bound to happen. We survived the wind, the rains, the drought – all until this year. 2015 has been plagued with excess water, lack of sunshine and an abundance of bugs since the season began.

My tomatoes are weeping, my squash has mildew and my beans are longing for sunshine. Even the herbs are looking sad. The only thing thriving in this constant rain is the celery. The pill bugs are taking over and something nibbled on the green tomatoes this week, but decided it did not like green tomatoes after all!

Though discouraging, it is a reminder that even with the best intentions and greatest of care, we are not in control. There is a Creator who decides when the storms will come and how long they will last. It is He who provides the rain and the rainbows. This reminder is timely as we mourn with a dear family this month who lost a wife, mother and friend. I am reminded that this is just a garden. There will be years of success and years of failure, but our needs are always safe in God’s hands.

My garden woes seem trivial in comparison to such a great loss, yet I know that our Lord cares for each of us, be our cares small or great and that we are more precious to Him than the lilies and the sparrows for whom He provides even in the harshest storms. How thankful I am for His love and provision.

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