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Getting Back on Track

Seems any time you are on a road trip there is one detour after another. A photo op while we waited in one lane only traffic provided inspiration for a new sketch. I’ve never seen 3 utility baskets working so close together before. Looks a bit crowded to me, and not a job I would want.


There were numerous bridge crossings and echoes of oohs and aahs on the drive to Norwalk, CT. After our first few days spent in the car, it was a relief to arrive at the EVEN Hotel. The perfect atmosphere for getting back on track with our meals and exercise.


I love this place! – I think my roomies got tired of my child-like exclamations around every corner. Although this smile on my niece’s face is definitely an echo of my delight with our accommodations.


After checking in we discovered that this is the first EVEN Hotel in the world and it has only been open a few months. It caters to helping you stay on track with your health and fitness routines by providing in room workout areas, a full cardio/strength training room, healthy menus, tea & coffee bar, great flavored waters and a focus on using the stairs instead of the elevators.

My Fitbit was smiling!

A part of me wanted to move in and stay for a month, but we were only here for one night. We discovered a nice little Brazilian restaurant in town offering a healthy food bar. The owner was very kind and the fare light and delicious.


After a good night’s rest and a morning workout we were back in the car and on our way to Cape Cod, but not without a few more detours along the way…

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