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A Harvest Week

Quiet here?? Indeed! It’s been a busy harvest week in the garden and even busier in the kitchen. My feet and my back were begging for a break – so today I’m writing. Although I have to admit that the view of the garden out my window beckons me back for some cool season planting, but I think it will wait till the sun tames a bit.

After all my worries over the beetles and the blight it seems that things aren’t really so bad. The cucumbers are coming in like crazy and the beans suddenly decided to produce by the dozens. I’m a happy camper! However, it has kept me on my feet between the sink and the stove most of the week and it was a long day yesterday making salsa. More on that in a later post.

I would have liked to leave the winter squash on the vine a bit longer, but the borers were digging in and I was not willing to surrender so I cut them off early. The squash and the borers. I cooked one of the squash for dinner a few nights ago and though a bit early, it was still pretty delish!

The cucumbers and tomatoes have made great salads combined with the kale and beet greens. Did you know that beets and beet greens have tons of phytonutrients and vitamins that help detoxify the body and provide anti-inflammatories? I’ve never been a big beet eater, but the health benefits have me adding this root vegetable to our diet. This makes the hubby happy. His love of beets is the only reason I plant them, but I think they are winning me over. And who could resist a vegetable that grows like this…

Okay…so I get that it’s a fluke of nature, but isn’t it cute? A little beet couple that almost looks like a heart. Even though it’s only a vegetable and small as beets go, I had a hard time cutting them apart. Yes, I’m a hopeless romantic. I had a pair of carrots like this last year. Will have to find that picture for another post.

My busy harvest week resulted in pints of beans in the freezer, kale and beet greens in the fridge and pints of salsa ready for winter snacking. Guess it’s time to make some pickles!

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