My Kitchen Garden

The 2014 kitchen garden is now in. I spent most of yesterday getting it turned and planted. The soil here has been a work in progress. It was over-run with mint when we moved in.

kitchen garden

When I started digging it out the first year I discovered very hard clay underneath, probably because it sits up by the house next to the patio slab. It hasn’t been a real focus for me these past few years as I’ve been busy getting the raised beds going, but this year I’m adding some new plants and tossed in some sand to try and break down the clay a bit.



The Oregano and Thyme from last year have returned and the Chives are going strong.

purple basil

We added a new kind of Basil this year – Purple Ruffles – a touch of cinnamon?

sage and basil

Also added a new Sage plant. I’ve never planted Sage before.

chili pepperceyenne

And we are experimenting with the hot peppers in the kitchen garden this year.


As usual I planted Rosemary and Parsley and seeded some Cilantro.


A pretty Coleus my husband picked out on Mother’s Day and some Snapdragons add a little color.


I can’t wait for the warmth of summer and the scent of these garden fresh herbs! So what do you plant in your kitchen garden?

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