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Kitchen Pantry Organization

Well it took me right up to Thursday evening to get the last cabinet organized, but I now have a completely organized kitchen. Yes, little things do thrill me – like being organized. I guess it isn’t really so little when I think about the time it involved, but hey…it didn’t cost me a cent – yet I feel like I went on a shopping spree!

Did you know you can go shopping right in your own home? It is amazing what you can find when you start digging and you put your creativity cap on. My 3 days in the kitchen paid off as I sorted and tossed and cleaned every nook and cranny.

Monday and Tuesday I worked on the dish and container side of the kitchen. You can view that post here. Wednesday and Thursday I finished up with the baking and food storage side. That’s what this post is about.

The scariest cabinet was my bake-ware cabinet. It was an absolute mess, tightly crammed with everything I could possibly fit in and more. Every time I opened the door I had to catch quick!

It is now home to my electric appliances, with my blender and rice cooker up front since I use them most often. The blender and kettle were both on the counter/stove top before – yay – even more counter space!

Then came the mixing bowls and measuring cups, etc. The freezer containers were moved earlier in the week to the storage container cabinet, thus freeing space…

…and eliminating the stacks. Paper goods were stored in the back corners since they only come out in the summer; the items I use most are low and in front for easy access.

Remember all that “stuff” in the bake-ware cabinet? Time to create order out of chaos.

Shopping spree time! I found things I forgot I had and discovered containers in my basement for organizing. These are now on the top shelf of my tall pantry. They only come out for special occasions and holidays so I don’t mind using the step stool.

I also moved the roasting pan to the top shelf – another holiday item – and lined my baking pans up for easier access. The left side of the pantry is food staples and cookbooks, the right side for oversized cookware.

This is the food cabinet before. Not terrible, but still too many stacks for me.

This is the food cabinet after. I was always using the step stool for the top shelf. Thanks to others for sharing their basket storage ideas I can now reach just enough to pull them out! Bought these months ago for half price. Still have to make cute labels for them.

I love my freshly organized kitchen. I have my coffee & breakfast station.

And my cooking and baking station.

Tomorrow I’ll share a few of my favorite things about my kitchen. In the mean time be sure to check out Part 1.

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