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Lessons from a Toy Box

God never ceases to amaze me with the lessons He teaches through the ordinary routines of daily life. While working on fall chores last weekend I opened the patio storage box to brush out the cobwebs and pack away the cushions. Upon opening the lid I discovered the remnants of summer; toys galore scattered in pieces amid the spiders’ works. It was amazing the webs had survived at all!

When we purchased the patio box I discovered there was just enough room, after putting in the cushions to store a small plastic tub of toys for the grandkids. It holds the bubbles and water guns and other miscellany for summertime fun. The tub lay amidst the scattered toys, its lid tilted and upside down. I lifted the toy tub and toys onto the patio table and began to examine the collection.

  • A Nerf football with a broken fletching
  • A collection of bubble trays filled with goo
  • A red thing I did not recognize
  • An empty bubble bottle
  • 2 spill-proof bubble containers, hum…where is number 3?
  • A leaking bubble bottle
  • An adorable little pink alligator, where did he come from?
  • Miscellaneous bubble wands
  • And a broken bubble gun

The bottom of the toy tub was thickly slathered in bubble goo that looked more like old pancake syrup mixed with grass. I swiftly gathered the gooey gear into the tub and headed for the garden hose. To my delight the sticky brown mess transitioned into beautiful white foam and each little toy, even the broken ones began to shine in the autumn sun.

Says the Lord, “Though your sins are as scarlet, they will be as white as snow; Though they are red like crimson, they will be like wool.” [Isaiah 1:18]

The football was already broken at the beginning of the summer, yet it still had great use. The bubble trays had been filled to overflowing multiple times. The spill-proof containers serve their purpose well, but even when we take precautions sometimes accidents still happen – like the leaking bottle. The red unidentified object was identified by my daughter who informed me that it shouldn’t have been immersed in water. Sometimes we learn the hard way when we neglect taking care of things. The adorable little alligator has a new home in our patio box, though we don’t know where he came from and it really doesn’t matter. The empty bubble bottle was poured out for all to enjoy. The only real sorrow was the release of the broken bubble gun, but it has served the children well for many years and it was time to say good-bye.

Isn’t it grand that God can teach us so many wonderful lessons just by cleaning out a toy box?

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  1. The metamorphosis of the plain and worn transformed into the beautiful and fresh. We have to walk through the fire to get rid of the old and broken…but you know that 😀 . Great post!

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