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What Lies Beneath?


Under paper is what lies beneath the Week 5 Challenge for the Documented Life Project. Under what?? Yep, that was my response.

I guess for die hard mixed media artists this term is common language, but in all honesty – this artist didn’t get it. What is under-paper? Under-paper is that paper you put on your work surface to protect it, or between your journal pages to keep them clean or even the paper towel you wipe your brushes on. So if anyone else experienced that moment of wonderment, don’t feel bad. I use under-paper all the time, but I just call it scrap and typically it goes in the trash.

Yes my mixed-media friends, I know it’s shocking. I was throwing away my under-paper! Well, one is never too old to learn a new trick – Or a new word. Although, I doubt I will be keeping all my under-paper. I’m too much of a neatnik.

scrap paper

When this challenge was announced I only had two pieces of light yellow under-paper that I had been using since I started my 2015 journal. They just weren’t that messy (neatnik) and my paper towels and such had all gone in the trash. I did manage to find some scraps that I had practiced spacing a quote on so I grabbed that too.

I browsed the photos of my fellow artists and all I could think was – My paper is way too neat! And I didn’t want all that yellow on my journal pages. But, as I kept looking at that ugly yellow paper, I saw mountain ridges and that is how it all began…

Derwent Inktense

After tearing & gluing my under-paper I painted with Derwent Inktense Blocks and ended up with a beautiful snowy mountain scene that I love. I interpreted the journal prompt, What Lies Beneath?, by adding little peeks of grass coming through the snow with roots down below as a reminder that what lies beneath are the makings of this Spring’s garden. Can’t wait!

If you are interested in watching this art journal page come to life, you can view the step by step video above. Video #2 on my new video journaling adventure. Happy Creating!

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