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Things I love about my Kitchen

I spent a lot of hours cleaning and organizing in my kitchen this week and I’ve rediscovered some things I love about my kitchen! For the past several years I have been more intentionally focused on gratitude. Thanks to Ann Voskamp at A Holy Experience. If you haven’t visited Ann yet, please do. Her writing and photography are refreshment for the soul.

Anyway, I began counting my blessings on my blog and now I keep a gratitude journal. We often overlook the small, seemingly insignificant blessings in our daily lives, yet when we begin to take notice of all that surrounds us we realize how truly blessed we are. After a busy week of working and sharing my organization progress, I thought it would be fun to relax a bit and share a few kitchen blessings.

I love that it’s not too tiny and not too big. Though I sometimes miss the storage space I once had, I was happy to have less to sort through this week. And it is easier to keep a smaller kitchen clean.

I love my café curtains and red walls. I had these same curtains in my last home and the new buyer liked them – so they stayed. Fortunately, I had one extra set of panels because my last kitchen had some large windows with valances only. My new kitchen has only one window. God is good!

I love my Keurig coffee pot. I’m the only one in the house that drinks coffee and it also reminds me what a sweetheart my husband is. It just showed up on my door-step one day out of the blue; no special reason other than he was being sweet.

I love my Kitchen Aid mixer. It has seen a lot of birthdays and celebrations in this home. It reminds me of all the love we shared around the table. I also love that it makes my sweetheart a happy man when he gets his Cowboy Cookies. Which I baked today in my clean and organized kitchen.

I love my little baking and prep area, adorned with my grandmother’s canisters. Old things with good memories are such a joy to me. Every time I bake I think of grandma.

I love my café’ paintings; another thrifty find off the clearance shelves. Grayscale prints that I painted over with acrylic paints.

I love my little Paris Café’ hook. It’s a great place to put my keys when I run in the door with armloads of grocerie and it reminds me of the time I traveled to Paris with my parents during college. A special time with family spent touring amazing art and architecture.

I love that all the dry breakfast goods are now in one place, right over the coffee pot. Cereals, oatmeal, granola and toppings. Yum!

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