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More and Less

The New Year is a time of resolutions, planning and fresh starts. The older I get the more I wonder about the wisdom of this once a year ritual, because I’ve come to realize that every day is a fresh start. Each day that we awaken and put our feet on the floor is a new beginning. No matter what happened yesterday – good or bad – we have today. God grants us breath – it is a gift.

I use to make big resolutions and like most people I failed to keep them for more than a few weeks. I began to feel like making resolutions was just setting myself up for failure, so I started making plans instead; more planning and less resolving. With planning comes more direction and less guilt. I can set a path and then take it at my own pace. Sometimes the pace is nice and steady, sometimes it is a fervent race and other times there is a need for rest. It really depends on what life dishes out at the moment because we all know that life is unpredictable.

I’ve also learned that taking small steps with my plans helps me to succeed rather than fail. Too often, especially with the arrival of the New Year, we tend to put more on our plate than we can realistically accomplish – then we fail – then we give up.

I’ve become a believer in small accomplishments. I’m a work in progress – arriving is something that won’t happened until He does. 🙂

Over the years I’ve watched small accomplishments lead to greater success. This year I thought about what I need more of and what I could do with less of? Here is my More and Less List for 2013.

  1. More encouragement – Less criticism
  2. More laughter – Less complaining
  3. More prayer – Less worry
  4. More belief – Less doubt
  5. More contentment – Less stuff
  6. More simplicity – Less wasted time
  7. More movement – Less sitting
  8. More real food – Less fast food
  9. More fresh fruit – Less dessert
  10. More water – Less coffee
  11. More reading – Less plugged in
  12. More exercise – Less fat
  13. More hugs & kisses – Less regret

I’m sure my list will progress as the year goes on, but these are my initial thoughts for the changes I‘d like to make as I continue to thirst and thrive in the abundant life of Christ. So what could you have more of and do with less of in 2013?

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