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My Scrappy Shed

Part of living simply is learning to be more organized and making the most of – or creating – storage space. Our home doesn’t always testify to my – place for everything – motto, but when the things start taking over the place I get a little out of sorts.

This summer my renewed interest in gardening quickly turned my neat little patio into a jungle of rakes, trowels and clay pots. A cardboard box became my garden catch-all for tools and twine. Every time my foot got tangled in another piece of garden netting my mind would wander, to the dream photos of cute little garden sheds I had pasted in my wish book.

So…when we got ready to put new siding on the garage I dropped a little hint – “I have an idea! We could put a small potting shed on the side of the garage; then you only have to build 3 walls. That wouldn’t be too difficult, would it?” My husband looked at me with that Here we go grin of his.

…and so the task began. Slowly, piece by piece, scrap by scrap, my little scrappy shed began to take form. Four posts became a floor, the floor grew walls and then came a roof. He even managed to use the old windows we took out of the house last summer.

Last weekend it got shingled and it won’t be long before the siding and a door will appear. I’ve already moved my tubs and tools inside. So nice to have my patio back again and so blessed to have a husband who can build me a scrappy shed.

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