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Office Organizing

Exhausted is an understatement, but I DID IT! I sorted, tossed, cleaned, and organized two offices and emptied out the corner of the living room that used to be my office. I am so excited about what I actually accomplished. Still a little work to be done – but WOW!

HERS – My New Office with a garden view. Currently snow!

Moved from the living room to a quiet corner in the bedroom.

A bulletin board for reminders and inspiration; added to the back of our dresser.

Boxes below hold gardening catalogs and seeds. Boxes above for current paperwork.

I love containers that hide things. Stationary, scissors, pictures and more.

My file box sits on the floor in easy reach.

Magazine holders for my two main interests.

My daily reminder to be grateful.

HIS – My sweetheart’s office. There was a desk and a floor hiding under there!

New file boxes for current jobs are now in easy reach.

It feels so good to be sitting at my clean shiny desk in my clean organized space. Now to rest up for next week’s challenge. To see the before photos go here. To see other offices visit the Organizing Revolution Contest and be sure to vote. It is an amazing transformation for only 3 days. Now I am feeling my age. 🙂

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