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Packing Up Christmas

It’s always bittersweet packing up Christmas. I enjoy sitting under the lights in the evenings with my family and I love our little collection of nativities. It always seems a shame to put them away to await another 11 months before seeing daylight again. Of course it is also nice to reclaim the space and begin the new year’s cleaning and organizing.

Packing up Christmas used to be a major chore. Our decorations always seemed to grow any time they came out of the storage boxes. And it wasn’t due to shopping, they just never wanted to go back into the boxes they came out of. I would spend so much time getting frustrated as I rearranged the boxes trying to make that last item fit.

Then a few years ago I decided to group like items together and if something didn’t fit, then it just had to go away.

    My categories are simple –

  • Wreaths and Garlands
  • Linens, Stockings, Candle Rings
  • Nativities & Decorations
  • Our Tree Decorations
  • Kids Keepsake Decorations
  • Snowmen Decorations

Packing up is now a breeze and I’m very strict about tossing things. If I get something new, something has to go. I can only keep what fits in the designated box.

    The packing routine today was simple –

  1. tossed the linens in the laundry to wash while I was packing
  2. took down all garlands – in their box
  3. undecorated the tree – ornaments in their box
  4. wrapped the nativity sets, gathered miscellany – in their box
  5. gathered the stockings & linens – last box done!

Our tree is now bare and ready to be boxed up and put back in the rafters of the garage.

The one thing I keep out to linger are the Christmas cards from friends and family. I put them in a little basket on the side table where we have our family quiet time. Each morning we can enjoy a different card, re-read a family letter and pray for the senders. It’s a little bit of Christmas all year long!

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