Pickles and Salsa

With the summer garden winding down, it’s been a busy week in the kitchen. I canned my first ever batch of Bread and Butter Pickles and several pints of Salsa!

We’ll wait three weeks to try the pickles; as per the recipe, they need to season. I doubt they will be as good as my grandma’s – I’ve got to find her recipe! Every summer when I’d walk in her door she knew I’d want some of her garden bread and butter pickles and as I got older she always sent a jar home with me. Ladies, especially you young’ins – GET those heirloom recipes while you can. I didn’t think about it when I was younger and there are many I would like to have today.

We grew some new tomatoes this year; some small round sweets and we grew jalapenos and for the first time – chilies – they are growing like crazy.

The salsa tasted pretty good out of the pot. I’ll know more when we crack a jar open on Labor Day. If it’s a success I’ll post the recipe next week. Till then, have a joyful weekend and remember to leave the labor behind and enjoy the blessings of family and friends.

One thought on “Pickles and Salsa

  1. The salsa looks great and pickles are always a welcome treat if they are canned at home. Such great things that came out of your garden this year!

    Over the years, your words have touched my heart. Thank you. I don’t usually accept blog awards but this one I felt I needed to. You are under no obligation to accept but know that you have brightened my days and the dark corner of my mind. Take care! – Amy 😀 …and, YUM!!!

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