Shades of Beige

Our family did some hen sitting last week and we were rewarded by watching our egg box fill up day by day with these lovely shades of beige.

Each day I would open the hen house door never knowing how many eggs or shades of beige I would discover. I never thought of eggs as being that interesting, but I became amazed by the variety of their sizes and colors. I guess I am so used to opening egg cartons at the grocery store only to find equally shaped eggs of either white or brown.

These beauties are from several different types of hens. Each kind lays a different size and color of eggs; and even those from the same hens have slight variations. Some are slightly smaller or larger, some have spots, some do not, some have thin shells, and some are thicker.

There is so much beauty in the simplicity of these farm fresh eggs, each one touched by the Creator and given its own unique qualities.

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