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The Short Cold Walk


We’ve all heard of the long cold walk; up the hill and down the hill and over the river and through the woods in knee high snow…

Well, I’m here to tell ya that today I took a short cold walk and it was probably colder than those long cold walks that the grandparents tell the kids about.

bundle up

I just never imagined that I would have to put on all this stuff just to walk to the mailbox and since I was already bundled up, I decided to take a short walk to the wood pile behind the potting shed. Figured I’d bring some more wood to the porch before the real cold sets in. All I can say is those poor dear souls in Massachusetts!

It would be hard to fathom such a cold short walk if I hadn’t experienced it myself. The entire trip to the mailbox and the woodpile couldn’t have taken me more than 3-4 minutes, but I came in feeling like I’d been outside building snowmen with the kids for hours.

After taking off my gloves, I went to the sink to run some warm water over my fingers. I gave up waiting. And trust me when I say our pipes are well insulated – it’s just COLD inside and outside! Thank goodness for the wood-stove. I’m certain the utility companies are being over-loaded with these record cold spells.

I can’t imagine what those of you up north are enduring. Those of you down south should think twice before complaining about temps dropping in the 30’s – that would be a heatwave for us Mid-westerners right now and a tropical vacation for those further north.

And to my kids I say, forget the jokes about your grandparent’s long cold walks to school because I think our short cold walks to the woodpile will trump those old tales or at least make better jokes for the grandkids yet to come.

Let’s all keep our neighbors up north in our prayers. Looks like it’s going to get worse before we see spring.

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