Studio in Progress

We finally had a Saturday to stay home and work on my studio. The walls are coming along and I now have a real door between the studio and the storage room.

The last wall is framed and ready for drywall which will hopefully be mudded by this evening and ready for paint tomorrow after church. I can’t wait to paint!

It is a bit sad to see my hand-lettered (unfinished) wall being covered up but there will be so much more designing and decorating to do once the remodel is completed.

As I took this photo I couldn’t help but wonder if it would be uncovered many years from now – like a hidden treasure discovered by some future home-owner or explorer. Will this huge word CREATE become akin to ancient cave paintings and will they understand in some distant future what it means to create with brush in hand or will the keyboard and touchscreen lead to such futuristic technology that paint and brushes will become ancient themselves? And did they ever imagine when painting on cavernous walls that we would one day be unearthing and translating their art?

The chaos and clutter continues as my “too much stuff” – as my husband puts it – gets pushed and stacked and tossed about. How I long to see the top of my table again and put everything back in its home. Soon…very soon he promises.

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