Studio Remodel

My basement studio is being remodeled. It’s all very exciting! When we moved into this house the only room for studio space was in the unfinished basement; one of the bummers of downsizing when the economy plummeted – but we are ever thankful for God’s continued provisions so I didn’t complain about the concrete block walls and lack of natural lighting.

Last year I decided to make the best of it and began painting the concrete walls. I added some hand-lettering and began adding color, then we got to talking about the possibility of adding drywall. As nice as it was to consider having real walls it took the wind out of my sails regarding the design concept I had started. Why put all that work into something we would eventually cover up? My painting project stalled.

As with many great ideas, the drywall project kept getting pushed aside for more urgent projects. Then for my 50th birthday I said, All I want is walls in my studio. Grinning – it was a big all since I knew it would require electrical work, new lighting, doors and so forth. But hey, it is 50 years so why not!

It is quite a mess right now; total disorganization! One thing I’ve learned as the wife of a contractor is that there is no such thing as a “neat” construction project.

This weekend we should be installing the drywall and the new door to the storage area. I love this mission door that we found. I plan to paint the square on the top with blackboard paint. I thought it would be a cool place to write a weekly memory verse.

I’ll be sharing more photos of this studio remodel in future posts. Very exciting indeed – Real Walls!

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