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Summer Mornings

I love my summer mornings! Especially on a day like today when it is a bit overcast and not blazing hot outside. This is what greets me when I walk out my back door…

My garden was created on a 5-year plan and I am now in year 6. It was a slow step-by-step process that I had planned to fully document on my blog, but life happens. Still I do hope to set up a garden page that explains how I got to this point.

That little wooden garden stool was my grand-father’s and the story is that he originally built it for me to ride in his pick-up truck when we took a family trip to Canada. Pretty certain this little car-seat would be frowned on today, but it was a simpler time.

He kept this little stool in his basement through the years and in the summer he would plant tomatoes along the side of his house and use this stool to do his weeding and pruning.

All these years later it greets me in the garden on these summer mornings and my thoughts return to grandpa and how he loved him a good tomato!

Summer mornings in the garden bring a peacefulness even when life seems overwhelming.

I love to pray as I walk the paths and reflect on God’s cleansing grace and mercy as I pull the weeds from the beds.

When I see the beans thriving, I thank Him – and when I pluck the beetles from their leaves, I ask Him – Why? – yet know that our Creator has a good reason for every creation.

Little by little the harvest comes in and little by little it adds up to meals in the freezer for winter.


Summer mornings in the garden are my refuge for reflection.

There are moments of remembrance, moments of gratitude and moments of sorrow as I lift the burdens of friends and strangers to our heavenly Father. He reminds me that little by little great harvests come in and great burdens are healed.

The Lord’s lovingkindnesses indeed never cease, For His compassions never fail. They are new every morning; Great is Your faithfulness. Lamentations 3:22-23

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