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Thankful for Foresight

Doesn’t this look like a heap of trouble?

Believe it or not this was the 3rd soaking. That is a lot of purple dye; my blue jeans would have been a nice shade of lavender – not to mention the rest of the laundry load.

The skirt was sorted into its pile and I was just about to toss it into the washer when I thought to move it to the kitchen sink first. As I watched the dye seep from the fabric into the water I thought about the disaster I had narrowly escaped. Thank goodness for foresight!

Wouldn’t it be nice if we functioned more on foresight than hindsight? Think of all the mishaps and misadventures we could avoid. The dye in the skirt also made me think about the sin in our lives. Sin isn’t always so visible, especially when our culture makes it look so normal. The skirt looked normal, there was nothing wrong with it – but all that dye was hiding in the threads. Ever so slowly it would have seeped out into the laundry load destroying my other garments and ruining my favorite blue jeans.

I’ve often heard that people learn best from their own mistakes, but I find life is much more pleasant when we can learn from the wisdom and experience of others. This experience reminded me to be more vigilant and rely more on foresight, rather than on hindsight.

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  1. I thought at first you were dying the material there is so much color in the water. Wow! A great catch. It is nice to avoid the hidden dangers… Have a great week and a wonderful Labor Day!

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