The Art of Journaling

I am discovering that there can be more to keeping a journal than pen and paper. Journaling is not new to me. I’ve been penning daily happenings and inspirations for as long as I can remember, but last summer I came across this wonderful book, Artist’s Journal Workshop by Cathy Johnson.

It inspired me to start a new sketchbook that combines my art and writing. As often happens I got off to a great start and then when school began my sketchbook was pushed aside and forgotten. Last week I picked it up again and pulled this book off the shelf. Time to start again.

Isn’t it great that we can do that in life? Start again! No matter what we’ve pushed aside or forgotten we have the choice to start over, begin anew and try again. Do you have artistic endeavors in your life that you’ve neglected? Maybe it’s time to pick up that pen or brush and start again. Maybe the art of journaling can help you get your creativity going again. Or maybe your desired do-over isn’t about art at all.

Whatever is going on in life, I have found that the practice of writing out my thoughts, fears, dreams and goals has been beneficial in so many ways. My journals have come to include not only daily happenings; but prayers, scriptures, lessons, questions and whispers from God. Through my journals I can look back on where I have been, what the Lord has brought me through and often get glimpses of where He is leading.

And now, to my delight I am discovering how to blend my love of art and my love of words into creative historical keepsakes. If you’d like to learn more about art journaling or get a copy of this wonderful book visit Cathy’s blog.

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