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The Tiniest Seeds

As a gardener I often open seed packets containing the tiniest seeds. Some when singled out are barely visible, yet when I plant and water and fertilize they grow into beautiful green plants that bring nourishment to our family.

I began reading the book of James this morning and came across this word,
emphutos: engrafted, implanted.

…in humility receive the word implanted, which is able to save your souls. [James 1:21]

God the Creator is a Master Gardener, but instead of planting seeds for physical nourishment, He planted His seed of spiritual nourishment. His word is implanted in us. Maybe we do not see it right way, like those tiny seeds that are stuck down in the bottom of our seed packets, but it is there – the tiniest seed – placed in us by our Maker’s hand because He wants us to grow to know Him.

The tiniest seed, a living seed, implanted – engrafted into our very being. Something so immense from something so tiny, just like the huge plants and trees that grow from almost invisible seeds placed in the dirt.

But what of those who do not believe? Why does the seed not grow? Is it not there?

I believe the seed is always there, in each and every precious human creation; engrafted, never to be removed or cut out. Think about it. Why does every human being…

  • still welcome prayers during difficulties
  • feel one with nature “creation”
  • often believe in doing “good” or helping others
  • long for world peace and unity

We are all imperfect and we make mistakes and poor choices, but if we are honest we also know that we all have something deep inside us that longs for love and good. We long for all the wrongs to be right and the rights to be perfected because God put His seed in us. The question is will we choose to care for the seed that has been planted in us? Just like the seeds we plant in our gardens, if we do not tend to them nothing will grow.

…in humility receive the word implanted, which is able to save your souls. James 1:21

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