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Tomato Harvest

Our tomato harvest has kept us busy every day this week. I was even blessed to have one of my sons wander the garden with me last night. Love the memories made in my garden!

I’ve put a few quarts of whole tomatoes in the freezer for soups this winter, but decided this morning to make up a batch of sauce. Just with the large ones and the sweets. Those cherries and grapes are a mainstay snack and salad addition around here – there will be no saucing those yummy delights!

Nothing fancy, just quick and simple. Blanch ’em, skin ’em, cook ’em and enjoy the aroma in the kitchen for the next few hours.

I usually toss in some onion, garlic, salt and basil so I can use it for pasta, but I am considering if I should add a few of these babies. They are at this moment drying in the oven. Last time I opened the oven door it made my eyes water! This is our first year to grow chilies and let’s just say we won’t be short on hot sauce around this house.

Haven’t decided yet if I want the extra heat – this over 50 thing seems to add enough of its own. 🙂

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  1. Haha…the over 50 thing… 😀 The last time I grew chilies, I had them overflowing everywhere and I was the only who ate them at the time. It looks all wonderfully delicious! What a bountiful harvest. You have your hands full. Take care!

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