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Trunk Rehab Fabric Application

Yes it has been months! Alas, here is the final step of my army trunk rehab project. I am so excited to have this project completed and wanted to share with you the process for adding fabric to almost any surface of your choosing. I learned this technique many years ago and it was the perfect solution for finishing this trunk as I had envisioned it.


Though the process takes time and patience, it is fairly simple. All you need is a surface you want to create on or upcycle, a good varnish brush, an old discount card, an X-acto knife and a quality varnish. I’ve been using JW Etc. varnish since the early 90’s. It is waterbased, eco-friendly and the best quality varnish for decorative arts IMHO.

I decided to put this final step of the process into video-lesson form as it was easier than trying to write out instructions that would make sense to everyone. Besides, I am more of a visual learner and I figure most creatives are in that same camp. Hope you enjoy watching.

I really love my “new” old heirloom trunk!

Trunk from Live, Create, Inspire on Vimeo.

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